Why stay at a Bed and Breakfast rather than a hotel?
Many people do not understand what it means to stay at a bed and breakfast inn, rather than a traditional hotel.

-There is a long-standing myth that you must use a shared bathroom down the hall from your room. 
This is not normally true any longer. All the B & B’s in the Napa area have private (en-suite) bathrooms in all their rooms and suites.  At the Napa Inn all the private bathrooms have showers and all but two have bathtubs also. Half of these tubs are whirlpool tubs – just read the room descriptions next to the pictures on the “guestrooms page”. Bathrooms also include the usual amenities such as shampoo, lotion, luxury soaps and often bath salts also, q tips and make-up removers. We also include hair driers, irons, ironing boards and coffee pots in the rooms. All rooms have TV’s with dvd’s, telephones, CD playes with clock radios and (free) wireless internet.

- Is there less privacy in a B & B than in a hotel?
NO most bed and breakfasts in destinations such as Napa the Bed and Breakfast building is no longer the principal residence of the owner. The owner is still involved in the day to day business but, because they want their privacy also they have their own residence – usually close by. This means you will not be sharing space with children or pets (unless they belong to other guests), or unless the Inn has an “Inn pet”. Each guest has an “en-suite” room as well as access to common areas such as the dining area, living room, outside patio’s etc.  At the Napa Inn we have a lovely “parlor” where guests can gather to talk if they wish. It has a fireplace, library, computer, dvd and book library, game table (and games) and even a player piano. We also have several outside areas to relax and enjoy a glass of wine, morning coffee or just talk. There is a shaded patio right outside the dining room that doubles as extra dining space in the summer. Two front porches,  a pergola , fountain and boche ball court in the back lawn area and scattered benches and places to sit privately. This includes several rooms with balconies or private gardens attached to their room. 

- Will there be a concierge or anyone to help us?
While it’s true we do not have a “night desk” with a clerk on duty 24 hours a day you still have access to an innkeeper at all hours of the day and night. All our innkeepers answering the phones are knowledgeable about local restaurants, wineries and activities. We also include a tour of the facilities, maps and menus and are happy to discuss any questions you may have at check-in time. At breakfast we take time to ask about your plans and if you need any directions or help with reservations. If there is any problem which arises at night all guest rooms are equipped with a phone with a direct connection to the innkeeper quarters where our live-in innkeeper lives in her own apartment on the premises. If you are a late check-in (usually after 7pm) we provide you with a detailed description of where everything is and where to find maps and menus as well as the innkeeper phone number.

Is the breakfast included?
YES – breakfast is always included with the price of the room, and it is a very special breakfast. At the Napa Inn you don’t get a “continental” breakfast you get a 5 course meal. Our breakfasts are filling and will prepare you for a full day of wine tasting.

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Why stay in Downtown Napa?
There has always been confusion about the difference between “Napa” and “Napa Valley”.  In the past many visitors came to Napa Valley and drove right past the town of “Napa”. The town of Napa is IN “Napa Valley”, it is the southernmost town in the Valley and therefore is the closest if you are coming from San Francisco, the Bay area or even from Sacramento.  The whole valley from “Napa” at the south end to “Calistoga” at the North end is just 26 miles – a drive of approximately 35 minutes from one end to the other.
The town of Napa has experienced a renaissance in the last ten years and as such has become a destination of it’s own. Napa downtown has more wine tasting rooms than any other city in the country. Napa downtown has scores of highly rated restaurants. Some of the top chefs in the country have restaurants in Napa. Masaharu Morimoto, Greg Cole, Ken Frank, and Tyler Rodde,  to name a few. In addition to this there are several entertainment venues in downtown Napa, The Napa Valley Opera house (, Uptown theatre (, Jarvis conservatory and yearly concerts at the fairgrounds such as “Bottlerock”.

Is the Napa Inn close to downtown?
YES. Technically we are just west of the “downtown area” but only by half a block. Our main house is on a dead end street so there is virtually no traffic. Our second building faces Clay Street which is connected to the downtown area but not the main thoroughfare so we are in a Quiet location! However, we are two and a half blocks to the town center so a five minute walk to many restaurants and wine tasting rooms.  We have the quiet, we have parking, and a short SAFE walk to all the attractions in downtown Napa. The best of both worlds!

Is the Napa Inn close to wineries?

YES – just three blocks the opposite direction from the town center is the main highway which goes through the valley – highway 29. The wineries are, for the most part, located in the countryside where the vineyards are and as soon as you leave the town boundaries you are surrounded by vineyards and wineries – one after another. There are 450 wineries in Napa valley so it is a short drive to hundreds of wineries. If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive we can arrange for a wine tour to take you to the wineries!

Is Napa far from San Francisco?
NO we are about one hour from San Francisco – also an hour from the Oakland airport or the Sacramento airport – depending on traffic of course. How far is Sonoma Valley? Just about four miles, the town of Sonoma is a short 20 minute drive, and hour to Santa Rosa or Healdsburg. We are also about a two hour drive from Carmel/Monterey and about 3 hours from Tahoe. One and a half hours to the beach at Point Reyes, Stinson or Bodega.

Should I just stay in San Francisco, instead?
If you like to have quiet and a safe environment, stay in Napa. If you like to taste different wines all day and not have to drive afterwards, stay in Napa.  If you’d like to walk to restaurants in a safe neighborhood, stay in Napa! If you like historic Victorian homes, neighborhood parks, fun places to hang out, stay in Napa!

What else is there to do besides eating and drinking?
You can go on a hot air balloon ride, ride a bike, take a walking tour of historic downtown Napa, go for a hike, explore art museums and castles (most of which are associated with the wineries), take a cooking class, get a massage (or a facial), explore the Napa river by kayak , go horseback riding.

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What is the breakfast like at a Bed and Breakfast?
Unlike the standard fair at most hotels (which probably advertise they serve breakfast) Our breakfast is HOT and freshly prepared each day. It is NOT a “continental” breakfast but rather a FULL breakfast that generally consists of five courses.

What is served for breakfast?
Our breakfast includes an “entrée” this usually is a hot dish which includes eggs and cheeses, a hot potato dish, a hot fruit dish, a fresh fruit salad and a bread dish of some type. Also we have house-made granola and yogurt each morning as well as juice, coffee and tea.

Some of our “entrée dishes”: Fresh Vegetable quiche, Chili puff soufflé, stuffed French toast, Eggs Florentine, Hash brown quiche, Asparagus soufflé and “Eggs ala Tahoe”. These however vary with the season and the number of guests so you may experience any number of other possibilities.

Some of our hot potato dishes  include: seasoned baked red potatoes, scalloped potatoes, breakfast potatoes and chessy hash browns.

Some of our hot fruit dishes include: Apple betty, fruit medley, peaches and cream bread pudding with amaretto sauce, apricot shortbread, pear tarte and apple pancakes

Bread dishes are usually muffins, scones, croissants  or sticky bread.

Can we accommodate for food restrictions or vegetarians/vegans.
YES, we will ask you if you have food restrictions when we book your reservation – if you call us. Otherwise, it helps if you give us a heads up by phone or email. We generally have gluten free items on hand as well as soy milk for those who need it. We are used to making accommodations for a number of diets and will gladly make simple scrambled eggs or a vegetable stir fry for those who may need it. However because we have such a variety of foods – and we make our own granola often people find lots to eat from what is offered.

What time is breakfast served?
This also varies depending on the time of year and the number of guests staying with us. As a rule we start serving breakfast at 8:30 and finish around 10:00. If you need a very early departure we will prepare a brown bag breakfast for you to take with you. If you need just a slightly earlier time talk to the innkeeper – usually we can accommodate a modified breakfast from 7:30 to 8:30. When there is a smaller number of guests breakfast is usually served between 8:30 and 9:30 but if you want to sleep in don’t worry – come any time in that hour or call us and we’ll save breakfast for you.  On most weekends and during the busy season we’ll have 2 breakfast times for you to choose from 8:30-9:15 or 9:15 to 10:00. Again we’re flexible and if you show up at 9:55 don’t worry – it’s your vacation.

Do I have to eat breakfast in the dining room?
No. We offer room service for $15 or if you prefer to come pick up a tray to take to your room there is no added charge. Most of the time there are also table set up in the parlor or outside on the patio – weather permitting.

Do I have to eat at a table with other people? 
We do have one large table that seats eight people – we find this very convenient for groups – and also for couples who enjoy getting to know the other guests. Often we find guests making recommendations for wineries and restaurants to other guests or sometimes chatting about shared experiences closer to home. But we also have smaller tables for four and for two – you can always ask for a table for two if you want (if we can plan ahead that’s best), or take your breakfast back to your room or patio.

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