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Enjoy the convience of a spa session on site in our couples treatment room . You will Experience some of the best body workers in the Napa Valley with our highly skilled team. Inquire with our concierge to assist you in booking in for a couples or single session.

Our Services

Heated Stone Massage

Basalt Stones heated in an aromatic bath are used to quickly release tension and soften muscles enabling your massage therapist to work deeper into muscle tissue, inquire about adding Deep tissue to compliment this service for a deeply detoxing session.

90 minute $285

Wellness Massage

Pressure ranging from Relaxing Swedish massage using long flowing strokes, & gentle kneading to deeper pressure massage targeting areas. of chronic tension and fatigue.

60 minute $170.
90 minute $250.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep and direct pressure massage loosens tight facia and aid in the release of toxins held in muscle tissue giving relief to stiff and tight areas.
Stay very hydrated before and after this treatment to aid in the flushing of toxins.

Inquire with your technician regarding updgrading with CBD oil to nourish the tissues after intense deep tissue work as it compliments well!:

60 minute $195.
90 minute $275.

CBD Massage

Wellness massage using CBD oil to address inflammation in
muscles and joints and aid in soothing chronic pain. CBD will help bring deep relaxation to your session.

60 minute $195.
90 minute $275.

All services are available in either a couples or single session. Prices listed are for single sessions.

Gratuities of 20% will be added to your spa ticket unless otherwise specified at the end of your service.

We have both men and ‘women on staff so if you have a strong gender preference please let our concierge know.

We do require 36 hours notice for cancellation to avoid charges in full.